soul of the phoenix

intentionally honoring what was, soulfully inviting what will be

Our retreat experiences are eight days in length, beginning on Saturday morning and ending on Saturday afternoon. We begin by honoring of the life that was before we move to the liminal space of transformation. Much of our time will be spent here - engaging in solo and community experiences that create a welcoming environment for the life that will be. Our time together will finish with an exploring of soulful ways to invite the rebirth that follows.

Retreat Experiences


Birthing Yourself into Adulthood

for young women embarking upon adulthood

Birthing Yourself into the Second Half of Life

for those considering what comes next

Birthing Yourself Beyond Motherhood

for those whose children have embraced adulthood

Birthing Yourself into a New Mother-Daughter Relationship

for mothers and daughters ready to explore an adult to adult relationship

Birthing Yourself Beyond Loss for U.S. Military Widows

A free retreat for women who have loss their spouse of partner in service to our country

Birthing Yourself Back Home

A free retreat for female U.S. military members separating from service


Birthing Yourself from Career to Calling

for those seeking to discover their gifts and the work they are called to share

Please note that our retreat experiences are not meant to replace the therapeutic container of grief counseling. If you are still grieving a loss, we encourage you to seek out a relationship with a licensed therapist who specializes in grief counseling.