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the practice of reimagining yourself

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Marta Koonz, PhD


My Prayer to the Universe

Give me all the love, friendship, and encouragement I can handle – and then some.

Tell me to take risks.

Remind this phoenix that she can fly and nudge her off the edge. Hell, push her off once in a while and make her find her wings – again and again.

Drag me to the mountains and into the woods. Toss me in the lakes and never let me forget that it is nature that nourishes me and challenges me and brings my soul to life.

Demand more of me. Don't listen to any of my excuses. I know what it is I'm capable of, even if sometimes it seems so big.

Take my hands and look me in the eyes and tell me that the Universe has given me big work to do because I can do it.

Call me out when I'm telling myself a story that allows me to be less. Remind me to discover and rediscover who I am and what is being asked of me right now.

Never let me deny that I have touched my essence and have agreed to the pact that psyche and my soul have made. Help me to live a life that fully expresses who I am and what I have to give.

Marta Koonz

copyright 2018