soul of the phoenix

honoring women's experiences of loss and renewal

the Soul of the Phoenix


The phoenix, rising from the ashes, finds life and renewal. In doing so, she offers a different perspective on loss. Loss of a partner, loss of sense of self, loss of a way of life: these are experiences so powerful that they cannot help but transform. Yet the myth of the phoenix shows us that these experiences also bring with them an opportunity for creation and rebirth. It is this opportunity we seek to explore and nurture, this breaking apart that forces new life to emerge. The soul of the phoenix is found in the vantage point she provides, her perspective that deepens and creates soul.

We offer a number of retreat experiences, each universal in design yet specific in nature. All are grounded in traditional circle practice and the framework of a rite of passage experience. Each brings together those experiencing a similar journey, proving a supportive and knowing community of peers. The transformation to what comes next is seldom easy, but a deliberate honoring of what has been lost and a soulful inviting to what is to be can bring hope and renewal.

This is the soul of the phoenix.

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