soul of the phoenix

intentionally honoring what was, soulfully inviting what will be

The soul of the phoenix was born of a need to share practices that have birthed us personally through our own experiences of transformation. Moving into the second half of life, watching our daughters grow into adulthood, losing partners, embracing new career paths - experiences so powerful that they cannot help but transform.

Our offerings bring together the imaginal perspective of soul-centered psychology, the ceremony of rites of passage, and the rich metaphor found in both myth and circle practice. We see ourselves as transformation doulas, assisting in the birthing of other women as they journey through their own rebirths.

We offer a number of retreat experiences, each bringing together those experiencing a similar journey, proving a supportive and knowing community of peers. Our retreats are offered in two distinct formats: creative - in an indoor location, or nature - in a base camp setting (think camping and outdoors, but with basic comforts). All are grounded in traditional circle practice and the framework of a  rite of passage experience.

The transformation to what comes next is seldom easy, but a deliberate honoring of what has been lost and a soulful inviting to what is to be can bring hope and renewal. This is the soul of the phoenix.